Smart plug on/off tile

Hello, I’m new to sharptools and love the Dashboards. I started creating a basic tile for my smart wall switchs with no issues. I hit my first roadblock as I’m trying to do a basic on/off tile for my lamp that’s connected to a smart plug but only able to connect 1 tile for on and another for off , I feel this is a simple fix I cant seem to get 1 tile to do both on and off. any help would be much appreciated. Thxs


What type of plug is it? And from which platform is it linked to Smartthings?

I have several Sonoff and TP-Link power plugs and I can control all of them with a single tile each.

Now I’d wait for a simpler fix, but creating a virtual switch in Smartthings and linking the on and off status to your current buttons with automations will help you out as well.

Hello, @Sgt.Flippy_PJ

I’m using gosund smart plug using there gosund app linked to smarthings platform.

I’m Going to try the virtual switch through smarthings.

Thxs alot

That’s interesting. So what happens if you tap the “ON” tile again, when it is already on? If you can send the device id of the gosund to support@sharptools,io, I’d be happy to take a look if anything weird about the device. (You can find the device id by going to the User Page, click on ... next to your location, select the device, and toggle the “Advanced” button.)