Slow sharptools

I just bought the premium version and after I did it, I found sharptools to be MUCH slower.

I run sharptools on WallPanel and on a Lenovo tab 10 2nd gen.

Do I need to update something?

Greetings, Philip.

Possibly related to this…

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear that you’re experiencing some performance issues.

Can you clarify what you’re seeing? What type of performance issues are you seeing? The speed to navigate between dashboards? The time for a light to physically turn on after tapping a dashboard tile? The time for the status on a tile to update after physically adjusting a device (eg. tapping a wall switch)?

You should not see any difference in performance between SharpTools on the free tier or the premium tier as there isn’t a difference in how things are processed. That being said, the premium tier of course allows more features and more tiles to be displayed on a single dashboard. Was your before and after test performed on the same device with the same configuration and same dashboard?

Have you tried testing on a different device like a modern computer or cell phone and are you experiencing the same issue?