Slow rule processing ~8 seconds


I’m using ST, and I have been a big WebCore user for years, but the time is coming to make the switch away (I’m having more and more issues with pistons not triggering, and other issues in general). I am creating as many local automation routines first, but I’ve got some more advanced rules that SharpTools should do the trick with. However, I have a very consistent delay of 8 seconds from trigger to action completed… shown in my rule logs as well. Any thoughts on why and how to mitigate?


Hi @Travis_Mielonen, welcome to the community. Can you please PM me the rule’s URL and I can take a look of the log if anything abnormal? (The url when you edit the rule.)

Can this rule latency be observed in other rules? Is there a specific action, like turning on a light, or checking device status in IF condition, that being slow in the overall rule execution? Thanks.