Slow response times

Hello, has anyone else had issues with slow response times? I’m using a brand new Samsung Tab S4. Attached is an image of my dash board. Most of the time when you click a tile nothing happens and it takes a few ‘hits’ to get it. The main issue is the one labelled ‘security’ takes you to a page for our alarm set/unset features and you only have 30 seconds to disarm the system and this is annoying as most of the time it times out as it’s not recognising the touches.

Hi @Andrew2, can you help clarify if the issue is due to the touch not recognized, or the delay of navigation from this dashboard to your “security” dashboard? If you can take a short video, it may also help us to better understand the issue.

Hell James,

Happens on most tiles, you press it and it doesn’t recognise it, sometimes it takes 3 or 4 taps, and in different places on the tiles to get it to then notice you.

Can’t add a video as the forum link won’t allow it.