Slack notifications support?

I was watching some demos of SharpTools and was pretty excited it would help me with all my routines, etc. One of my requirements is sending some Slack messages when particular events occur, etc. I use Slack for all my notifications around the house for various things (even outside of SmartThings).

Unfortunately I was a little surprised SharpTools doesn’t have native Slack support, only Pushbullet and Pushover. Am I seeing this wrong somewhere in the UI? I did a bit of a search on the forums for “Slack” which surprisingly didn’t turn up any results :frowning:

Then I thought “maybe SharpTools allows me to do a custom action to POST against a specific URL and JSON payload” which I think I could possibly get working with Slack… although unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be such actions available.

Are there any plans to add Slack? Or a more advanced action like HTTP(S) POST/GET, etc?

Does anyone have a workaround that I can’t see to get this working? (note I’ve though about maybe using Email Notification and another service like IFTTT to link Email to Slack… but that’s getting quite ugly now!)

Would love to hear your thoughts so I can hopefully move onto SharpTools completely!

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Hi @gardz - welcome to the community and thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the suggestion around Slack. User feedback is key part of how we prioritize what we work on, so creating this thread is a good first step. The more people that show interest in a feature, the more likely it is to get prioritized. As such, we’ll leave this thread open for further community feedback.

SMS, Email, Pushbullet, and Pushover are all popular in the end-user space which is why those got prioritized as notification options. I’m under the impression that Slack tends to get used more in the organizational / company space, but we’re always open to implement it if there’s enough community interest!

HTTP / REST API actions within the Rule Engine are certainly on our list. We haven’t had a lot of requests for it yet, so it hasn’t quite bubbled to the top of the list and we’ve been prioritizing other highly requested features in the meantime. :smiley:

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