Sinope TH1123ZB not updating sharptools via HE

Hello, posted this question on the HE forum as well.
I have 5 of these thermostats in the house and if I manually change the temp on the device it does not get updated in the tile in sharptools, raise the temp and the tile shows the old value but if I press the temp up or down arrow it will update with the latest temp minus the button press that just occurred. I am not sure if this is an issue with the driver or if it is an issue with Sharptools or is the issue with me (most likely).

any suggestions would be appreciated
Thank you

Hi @Robert_C, when editing the dashboard, tap the ... at top-right corner of this thermostat tile and select Change Layout, do you see the “Double Height Thermostat” layout? Try with this layout if it shows up in your layout options.


Are you using a community developed device handler? If so, can you please post the link to the device handler code so we can take a look? Thanks.

I will try that out and I have been trying different drivers to see which responds correctly.
I will let you know my results and what drivers I was using.

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I set up a small matrix up of drivers and the response of the tiles in Sharptools using Double Height Thermostat (DHT) and Single Height Thermostat (SHT) Tiles. I manually adjusted the temp on the thermostat and reviewed the results in the Events tab of the device (in HE) and the two tiles side by side in Sharptools.
I used the following drivers;

  1. Sinope TH11224ZB (4KW) Thermostat
  2. TH112xZB Sinope Thermostat EngeryMerter V3
  3. Sinope TH112XZB Thermostat

Drivers 2 and 3 changes were tracked only on the DHT, the SHT remained at 17 C. The Events tab (when refreshed) reflected the changes.
Driver 1 caused both DHT and SHT to change when the thermostat was set manually. The events tab (when refreshed) reflected the changes.

I would prefer the SHT so I will be using driver #1, appreciate the help from all.