Single Weather Tile calling to a Weather dashboard

Hi friends.
Since great @Michael Weather DTH is not working anymore (Groovy caput!), is there a way to call a weather dashboard from a custom tile to get this work:

Summary Weather single custom Tile 1x1>> Tap >> Weather forecast dashboard with custom(s) tile(s) 3x4 b.e.

A Supertile cannot contain a custom tile, then
How do I add a dashboard call to a custom tile?
How can I around this ?


bump because I am in the same boat

I’ve noticed more people creating Rules to query the Open Weather API and then displaying that data in Super Tiles and other places. If it’s in a normal tile like a Super Tile, Hero Attribute Tile, or Variable Tile, you have the option of changing the ‘action’ of the tile to be a hyperlink to another dashboard.

And there’s even the ability to open another dashboard in an ‘overlay’ currently in beta which could be used.

From there, you would have the full capabilities of a dashboard to layout whatever data or custom tiles you’d like in the secondary dashboard that gets opened. For example, including the Open Weather Custom Tile.

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