Simulated Switches after SmartThings Groovy Change

What are the chances “Simulated Switches” are acting up similar to the above issues? I’ve now got simulated switches that are showing “OFF” on my SmartThings app, but “ON” in SharpTools, causing things to not shut off as scheduled.

With all the things that were going on in the SmartThings environment over the weekend, it wouldn’t surprise me.

If these switches were keeping the state in sync in SharpTools before, but aren’t anymore, one of the first things I would try doing is cycling through their on/off states from the SmartThings mobile app a few times and see if the state in SharpTools syncs up. Otherwise I would need a bit more detail / background to help.

It’s still not clear exactly what SmartThings is going to do with their legacy Groovy Virtual Devices. A number of community members have moved over to the vEdge Driver by TAustin for virtual switches.

I’m still looking for more background info. I am now manually controlling the “simulated switches” on the SmartThings App. They are not syncing with SharpTools, however, I have a few “virtual switches” that are syncing fine. I don’t recall why I have both “simulated” and “virtual”. I’ve had them for a long time…

@josh EDIT: I just changed one of the “simulated switches” to a “virtual switch”. It is now syncing with SharpTools. The difference is that “simulated switches” are cloud based, and the “virtual switch” is now local… Uggh!

What @Josh said. You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches by converting to Edge virtuals. Both the simulated and virtual switches you are referring to are Groovy/IDE based objects, so at this point it’s not surprising that they are not working correctly. TAustin’s are so quick, easy and reliable there really isn’t any reason to wait around to see what, if anything, SmartThings is going to do with your Groovy virtuals.


@Bry So… I can pick and choose what I want to move to Edge? Just the Virtual Switches for now??? Not everything???

Yes, that is what I have done. I am waiting for SmartThings to convert my existing hardware devices, but I decided to convert my virtuals now. I created new virtuals using TAustin’s driver and integrated them into my routines and dashboards.

I left the old ones in place just to see what happens to them.

I’ve been searching now for the instructions on creating virtual switches using TAustins edge driver with no luck. Is it done within the SmartThings App?

The instructions are in the first post of the driver thread, posted by @josh above. Just follow 1, 2, 3 in the section titled “Instructions”:

Thanks Bry… completely overlooked that…

After creating an Edge Virtual Switch, what is the best way to remove the DTH Virtual Switch? From the App or from the IDE???

I use the App because it is more convenient. But either way should work.

Thanks Paul. I was just concerned about Ghost Devices.

I have manually converted over 200 DTH devices to Edge devices at 2 locations with no ghosts. I have deleted most of them using the app.

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Once you start converting to Edge your routes for DTH devices in the IDE will show unknown devices. These are generally Edge devices that the IDE doesn’t know to deal with.

During my conversation I ran a Z-Wave repair whenever I converted a Z-Wave device. Again I generally do this from the App but you can use the IDE.