Show Off Your SharpTools Dashboards!

You are awesome! Thank you so much for the quick response!!

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My WIP dashboard on a Fire HD10. Still tweaking and making changes but happy with it as it is. I was planning to remove the gradient from the weather tile but changed up the colors a bit and made the calendar to match.

Still need to build out my other hyperlinked dashboards to my liking (cough, cough…my wife’s liking :slight_smile: ).


This is my first attempt for a Dashboard for my Homey Pro 2019.
Still on my laptop. I am looking which tablet the best is for buying for this…


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Here is one of my Dashboards. I have an Ambient Weather Station that sends data to the internet and I use a Hubitat Hub that utilizes an app that Kurt Sanders wrote. It utilizes some of the data from Ambient Weather to create Devices in Hubitat. For some of the devices that the Kurt Sanders App does not generate. I use Webcore to create Virtual Temperature devices to create additional devices. For example, daily rain measure and dew point are virtual temperature sensors that have been converted from Kurt Sanders’ app.
I use Supertiles to display as much weather information as possible into the tiles.
When lights are on, they turn to color blue.
When windows, doors, water sensors or motion is detected, the tiles turn to red.


I’ve built a universal remote control for the three zones in the house that have audio/video. It controls 3 TVs, a Yamaha receiver and speaker, and a Roku. All services we use are included.

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Dashboards that I use on two Samsung A8 with Fully Kioskbrowser.

Home dashboard:

Sensor-dashboard that open in overlay 80%. Here I have warnings on movements, low battery, doors open and firealarm.

Lights & plugs dashboard that open in overlay 80% - with glow when on

Multimedia dashboard for my Sonos speakers thats open as a “new” dashboard site (not overlay)


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This is really cool.
I have rainbird with the WIFI controller, this should be possible as well I hope,

does anybody have any idea’s on rainbird?

Hi Paul,
If Rainbird has a published API with their commands it should work.

Where did you get the weather icons from for the supertiles you made?

I’ve been looking for a display program to meet my needs for ages, I don’t know why it took so long for me to come across SharpTools. My needs are to pull together data from various sensors spread across my home ranging from Ecowitt weather sensors, WirelessTag temperature probes, Netatmo stuff, HomeKit, WeMo plugs & a Remootio gate opener. I managed to get some stuff into SmartThings and the rest into Home Assistant, but now it all comes together with large ‘at-a-distance’ display fonts that I use in the house - thank-you SharpTools!
I really appreciate the rounded-edge refinements & the animated icons, too.


My favorite super tile is the one for my bearded dragon, monitoring the cool/warm temps, heat lamp, and humidity. Still working out what layout works best. Having a lot of tiles on my kitchen tablet wall mount, I often stand and stare to try to find what I am looking for.

I took the theme from the default ActionTiles theme that I once used before switching to SharpTools.


Same display, on my recessed wall-mount tablet.

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That would drive me crazy. Maybe an idea to make multiple dashboards and simply group things together in them, making your “homescreen” a bit tidier?

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Nice dashboard Henk. Did you find the right tablet?

Hi my friend, in personal I like simple and sober dashboards… this is my example from central one in TV wallmounted tablet in TV Room…and second is for my personal iPhone.
For central one I made a lateral menu that opens Alarm setting, clock and main contacts display, and 3th one for scenes and other devices. In my personal one I had a tile that opens scenes, other tile that opens devices and another one that opens batteries status. I hope this could gives you some ideas.


Maybe, I dunno. I like seeing everything on one screen versus multiple taps to find or even just see what I want. Most of its purpose for me is just a status check versus control. I just quickly glance at it and anything glowing means that something is open (garage door) or on, etc.


That’s the beauty of being able to customize things!

Everyone has different use-cases and needs, so you can customize things to fit your own personal needs.

That was the original use-case for the primary dashboard in my home too. Borrowing terminology from the home theater space, I wanted a “10 foot UI” where I could glance as I walked by and see if any tiles were lit up that needed my attention.

I suspect that what the others are saying is that some people combine the two concepts. For example, many hubs have the ability to create ‘groups’ of devices. Then you can have that group device on your main dashboard and quickly see if any of the devices within the group are active… and configure that group tile so it links to another dashboard with all the individual devices so you can see which specific device is active.

That way your dashboard has fewer tiles on it and it’s easier to quickly tell at a glance what type of device has an issue while still being able to drill into the details.

Alternatively, some people use rules to aggregate the status of multiple devices into a single group summary with Variables: