Show Off Your SharpTools Dashboards!

@SmarteePants, welcome to the community. SharpTools Dashboard is a web app, and you can run the dashboards in any modern browsers, such as Chrome and Safari, on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS devices. So you can absolutely start creating your dashboards on your PC, and there is no need to install anything on your PC. I often times have a small browser window opened running my Office dashboard when I am on my 34" monitor to give me quick control/overview of my stuff. :grin:

Yes, there are lots of customization flexibilities when designing a dashboard and you may want to check out Themes & Styles feature first so you can take full advantages of it.

The “SharpTools Tasker Plugin & Widgets for SmartThings” Android app is specially designed for Tasker and widget integration, and is different than (Dashboard & Rule Engine).

Please note that you can also add your SharpTools dashboards on to your mobile devices’ home screen so they be opened like a native apps. See below for details:

Hi mate,

The tile in your first pic which shows your location and weather in said location…how do you do that…do you have to have another piece of equipment…I’ve read on here about doing something in smarthings…

my set u is fairly basic, only have life and hue lights no additional smrtthings router… I just have the android app on my phone…

I have essentially that same Tile @Tom_Smith

It’s created in SmartThings - Weather Tile & Dashboard Examples - #18 by Carlos_Juarez

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nice dashboard,

do I need the SmartThings hub to do this??

the smarting hub never really “took off” here in the UK, I’m just using the app on my Samsung s20…does it work on that…cant figure out how tot do it

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No, just the app and samsung account
I primarily use Smarthings for my Security system - converted an old Wired system to a Smart’ system by panel called Konnected - it’s pretty popular in UK too
So I have links to other dashboard with all my door/window sensors and another for my various Lighting Controls


how the heck…lol…

Wow! Less than 1mb! Is there any documentation or tips web page on how to achieve this? I have been struggling to get BlueIris to take my Hikvision H.264 feeds and convert to MJEPG under 50Mbps per camera. H.264 is a very effective video compression. In Hikvision, my H.264 1080p stream is normally 11Mbps. I read somewhere online that bandwidth consumption is the biggest drawback for MJPEG conversion. I would really appreciate if you can show me some tricks to trim the MJPEG stream down to 1Mpbs, it would help reduce the sluggish performance on my Amazon Fire 10 tablets. I would even be pleased if each MJPEG stream is under 5Mbps.

finally figured it out- no idea how you do it from the app…but did it from my pc and then got it into smarting and sharptools…

Hi !..Im surprised my friend,. I wonder how can you handle devices in Smartthings App without a Smartthings hub !!!. Thanks for share …

Im very much new to all this and just learning…at the moment I have life and Philips hue light bulbs and a eufy doorbell…I think I might try pick up a SmartThings Hub and then look into a thermostat, door sensors etc…

Hi Carlos - I don’t have a physical Hub either! :smiley:
All the devices I use can connect to Smarthings via the linked skill (for the most part except for my Tuya Switches which require a convoluted virtual switch arrangement) In fact I purposely try to avoid having to use devices which require the hub. Shelly devices are great, those are a simple integration as are TPLink/Kasa Switches - I wasn’t sure about the Shelly Door/Window wireless sensors initially as they were problematic to set up but fine now. Even my plug n play bulbs work directly without a hub.
I can even put my Nest Thermostats in there too but annoyingly, even though in SmartThings, they won’t port over to Sharptools yet (Google issue, not Sharp issue)

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Wow !..thanks, and how does “via the linked skill” work ?.. where can I find some of this ?

Add a device and select ‘by brand’ then just follow it from there - it will give you instruction to link the the cloud account for the brand you have purchased. Shelly devices are awesome - have you checked those out? The Relay series are tiny and will fit inside a normal switch box.
See the separate thread on here on Tuya devices - what is odd is that some will work directly and some won’t. (If I knew before what I know now, I would have bought Kasa/TPLInk wall switches instead of the Treatlife (Tuya) switches.
But even those that don’t, you can create Virtual Switches in SmartThings, let Alexa discover them and set up automations in Alexa to link the virtual Switch and the actual switch. So you still don’t need a hub.
But many many devices don’t even need that and will link directly without requiring a virtual switch

Some.of the shelly vintage bulbs are awesome

@rog889 So I need to correct and walkback my statement a bit. My Hikvision cams aren’t on my main page because of the basis of wanting to have a page to go see all of them. My 8Mbps network usage that I said is what BlueIris uses when the cameras aren’t displayed. It jumps up to like 64Mbps (8Mbps per) network usage when the 8 cameras are on the external cams dashboard. That’s me streaming them at 720p. If I drop it down to 480p it would drop to like 32Mbps or about (4Mbps). I truly don’t care to see 1080p on my dashboard. It’s more to quickly see what’s going on either outside or in the house. That’s what we have the Hikvision NVR for the high quality. That being said since it’s just internal we use the 720p as our house wifi has 200mb down so no issue.

Here’s a bunch of the tweaks I made by the way:

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Would anyone be willing to help me create a dashboard, I a, very new to this, I am more than happy to pay for someone’s time , I’m literally wanting to have Amazon music and YouTube music to be able to be played in the centre screen with artwork, I want to control my hive system and then my lights, maybe air possible I can tweak a few bits, but happy to pay decent mo ey if someone can help me.

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Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Your killing it BRO!!!

When I turn on the heat to the hot tub I put this on my phone with an announcement when the temperature reaches 95 degrees.


How/where did you get those volume up/down icons? I’m using media tiles that link to a rule to adjust volume which works great but the image I’m using is hideous.