Show Off Your SharpTools Dashboards!

Would anyone be willing to help me create a dashboard, I a, very new to this, I am more than happy to pay for someone’s time , I’m literally wanting to have Amazon music and YouTube music to be able to be played in the centre screen with artwork, I want to control my hive system and then my lights, maybe air possible I can tweak a few bits, but happy to pay decent mo ey if someone can help me.

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Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Your killing it BRO!!!

When I turn on the heat to the hot tub I put this on my phone with an announcement when the temperature reaches 95 degrees.


How/where did you get those volume up/down icons? I’m using media tiles that link to a rule to adjust volume which works great but the image I’m using is hideous.

Some dashboard examples using the Weather Widget Custom Tile.

Live Weather Widget

Horizontal (header) Weather Widget

You can find more information and import the Weather Widget for your dashboards here.


With some help from @Michael s CSS examples I was able to come up with this pretty clean looking Alarm Dashboard that I am digging. Still want to modify the dashboard tiles at the top.


Little late here but I found setting my blue iris ul3 link as a hyperlink tile worked the best for me. Included the tile on my alarm and main dashboards. So if I want to see my cams, pop the tile, and ul3 opens with all my feeds.

That’s really cool. I like the gradient on the tiles. And how you have differently sized tiles. Would you be willing to share your CSS so I could do something similar?

Sure. Little help for someone that doesn’t share often as the file is quite long. What’s the best way. Michael used a link for the original CSS that I have modified quite a bit, but not sure if that was to a shared drive or something else

Thanks! I imagine GitHub would be the best way to share.

Lets try this. Made it shareable from Google Drive. If it doesn’t work I will wait for the best practice once someone responds.


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Here is a link to Michael’s original post for some explanations. I changed the names from ex1 etc to names that helped me remember what each style was for…modified some colors etc, and embedded his background images in the code.

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Here is a light dashboard that I am using a few of his “background image” styles. I do quite like them for lights, although I didn’t care for the active bronze so used default image for both default and active.


Almost finished my 30 tile setup. Ive got some tweaking left but my goal was to show off The background during The Day and at night show which lights are on. Pretty happy.



Got a new tablet mount from MakeByMike for my new Fire 10" 2021 the other week and finally got a chance to install it. It is a flush mount (recessed) with a detachable wood cover that using magnets to hold. But I decided just to made a wooden frame around the body and leave it not recessed since I already have a recessed power outlet with USB ports behind it, and I am pretty happy with the result. :grin:


Seems this project is Beautiful!

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how much faster is the newer Fire if any?

@Dave It is slightly faster than my old Fire 10" (7th gen 2017 model), and you can notice the difference when navigating between dashboards. The 2017 model tends to slow down over time which is not as noticeable on the 2021 model, and both my wife and myself feel the touch is a bit more sensitive/responsive on the new 2021 model, which is definitely a plus when tapping things around.

How do I create multiple pages with the back arrow included?