Show Off Your SharpTools Dashboards!

How do you get that calendar

It was the “Month” option at the top of the list of “Calendars” when I was adding things to my dashboard.

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I’m trying to follow. I went to manage resources, added the link for my calendar and then added calendar tile. This basic calendar came out showing one day at a time?

That’s a really neat idea. I’ll have to give that a try!

i have the Samsung Smartcam Pro monitoring my drive so i cant get a live feed to the homepage or security page :frowning: Unless someone can show me otherwise?

It would have to output a supported format like MJPEG or have an integration with an NVR like Blue Iris or TinyCam (each of which can convert video streams to MJPEG).

Edit: The following thread seems hopeful. It seems like at least some of the SmartCam models have RTSP, JPEG, and MJPEG options:

Feedback & Recommendations would be appreciated.

It was a bit hard to get a good glance at each dashboard as they were moving by pretty fast, but it looks like you’re using a lot of neat features from clocks and calendars to Hero Attribute tiles and Color Tiles. Really nice work and I like the clean / light feel!

Take a look at the following post:


Thank you screenshots are helpful


Here’s what I’m using for my in-wall tablets. Still a work in progress since my house is still being built, hoping to move in by end of month. Some things like sound bars and such aren’t installed yet. Galaxy Tabs in multiple locations. I’ve removed some details to keep my calendar private. In case anyone is curious, I’m using Hubitat, Ubiquiti Unifi, Sonos, Ecobee, Mix of Kasa and Lutron Caseta switches, Verilock Andersen Windows/Doors, Yale Andersen Keypad locks, and generic z-wave sensors/sirens/buttons.

Screen saver using Dakboard:

Main Dashboard (wanted a single button to turn on/off all lights in the house, there’s about 120 of them):

-Then once you click Lights, Thermostats, Security, Speakers, Doors/Sensors… that’ll take you to each dashboard. The Wi-Fi button opens up my Ubiquiti Unifi status page.

Thermostats (ecobee’s):

Speakers (Sonos Amp’s):

Doors/Sensors (Mostly Andersen Door/Window Sensors but some z-wave):

Security (HSM):

More to come… still installing! :grin:


Really nice work, @Andy_Sparling. I love it - thanks for sharing!

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@Andy_Sparling the dashboards look really awesome!

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Where did you get that weather display

@Marc_Lombardi, are you talking about the weather display at top right corner from his 2nd screenshot? I believe that’s from widget generator. See the post below.

:link: Weather Image Sources - #3 by josh

:tada: Update: If you are looking for a nice looking weather tile with various layout options, check out the Open Weather Custom Tile:

Weather Tile - Open Weather - Current and Forecast

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Andy - love your layout. Can I ask how you created your up and down volume controls? I also have Sonos with Hubitat.

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My guess would be through rules. You can create a rule in the SharpTools Rule Engine with any command you want and then add that rule to your dashboard. This is a great way to expose custom commands:

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This is my mobile dashboard, but I’m still adding new fetures and devices :wink:


Nice - I like the clean look! It looks like the Tile Spacing size is slightly smaller than normal which looks really good on mobile!

What is the tile just above the refresh/sync looking icon? It looks like a clock, but the format seems unique.

Thanks Josh. The tile you asking it’s simple Hero tile showing device atribute, last refresh time.


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Here’s my main Dashboard, the Weather is from an embedded page using the Meteogram API generator that refreshes from the data source every two hours.


@Simon_Williams the temperature trends graphic is really cool! Thanks for sharing.

I just updated my kitchen dashboard from an Amazon 8" 2017 to the current 10". What a difference! Got to love black Friday deals. I am using Fully Kiosk to display the SharpTools dashboard.

I took the opportunity to try and improve my dashboard a bit. I am using Echo Speaks to get the album art from Amazon as well as the rules to start specific playlists. The one thing there I am trying to find is if you can use a multi room group for this instead of an individual echo.

The Shopping list brings up a web link in Modal to Tooist to show our Amazon shopping list. Hulu was just added since the tablet is actual powerful enough to use for things like that now.

Still learning and this forum is great for learning new ideas!