Show image from device attribute?

Is there any way to display an image stored in a device attribute? Specifically as it relates to SVG, so that I don’t have to mess with a cloud endpoint. Or is this only going to be possible once HTML elements are supported?

Thanks for posting, @Justin_Leonard!

Since none of the officially supported Device Capabilities of SmartThings or Hubitat support image types in attributes, we don’t have any Thing tiles expressly built to display images. And since there aren’t any officially supported Capabilities for image attributes, it’s not on our short list to build a tile without a backing standard.

As you alluded to, some community developed device handlers have started hacking around things by using custom attributes with HTML in them. We don’t currently support arbitrary HTML for security reasons, but there might be approaches to allow ‘safe’ HTML content if there’s enough community interest1.

That being said, we have seen a few requests for being able to use a SharpTools Variable for displaying Media and I think that’s more likely to come to fruition2. But since it’s not available today, you would need to use an App/SmartApp to expose a cloud endpoint as you alluded to3.