SHM Status - push notifications? Sound?

Hi. Very new here!
So I got fed up with my alarm keep arming due to ST thinking I’m away when I’m not or home when I’m not?!
So someone pointed me here and looks great!! I’m after a simple dashboard with just an arm and disarm tile.
The idea is have the tile/phone near the front door.

I’m not sure how to go about this next bit…
Ideally what would be great is, IF front door contact broken and alarm is armed… The phone would be in a locked state so screen off at this point. can I get that to flash. Make a sound?
I can’t just have it there unlocked with a disarm tile as the offending person breaking in could just press it. But I need a notification to let the wife or in laws know it’s been set.
Is there a way to do this?
Also would be nice to have a tile showing the status of he SHM as well, I cant see a way to do that either.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance.

Or just a thought … I have lights, could I get that to flash ? If so no clue how!

I dont think you can directly do it with smartthings, but you can likely use the rule engine to switch on certain lights when its armed, or maybe with IFTTT you can get the phone to do something. I havent done anything like that myself so Im working on pure logic.

it likely be something along the lines of:
if alarm.status=armed

or you could likely use a beep mp3 on repeat with the phone
if alarm.status-armed
play beep.mp3

As I said I havent done it myself but in all likelihood its possible.


Ok, I’ll have a look at the rule engine and see what can be done. Not sure how the led’s strip will like being made to flash every few seconds so maybe I need a red light some where or something. Hhmmm cheers.
The beep is another idea, how would I make the phone beep though.

It would likely have to be done with something like IFTTT, but the theory is the same:
REPEAT while alarm.status=armed
Play beep.mp3 (or possibly a spotify playlist)
(delay 30 seconds)

Ok good idea. Will have a look. Thank you.

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You could also use something like echo speaks- again I havent tried it though.

I’m a Google fan so house full of Google homes, so don’t think can do that yet. Have Sonos as well, so hopefully can sort something.

Hi @David_McNae - welcome to the community and thanks for posting!

If you set a PIN using the Dashboard Settings, you’ll then have the option to either set a PIN per tile or on all tiles in the dashboard.

There are several SHM tiles available with the first one being a ‘Picker’. The picker will show a list of actions Arm, Arm Home, Disarm when you click on it and the icon changes to show what state Smart Home Monitor is in.

Alternatively, if each of the individual SHM tiles are added to a dashboard and the dashboard has Default/Active colors set, the relevant tile will highlight itself as active.

In the following screenshot, the first tile is the SHM Picker tile, and the next three are the individual actions (Arm Away, Arm Home, Disarm).

So in the screenshot above, you can see that Arm Away shows a outlined house icon, Arm Home shows a solid house icon, and Disarm shows an unlocked lock.

The current mode is ‘Armed Away’, so each of the tiles show it in the bottom-right corner, the first SHM Picker tile shows the outlined home to indicate the Armed Away status, and the Arm Away tile is highlighted since it’s active.

If it’s an Android device, you could probably do this with a bit of automation using Tasker and the SharpTools Tasker plugins. I’d caution that turning off the screen might be detrimental to you though… if you’re anything like me and you realize an alarm is about to go off, you’re about 10x more likely to fumble through trying to get it disarmed. :smile:


Hi @David_McNae welcome to the community. For the beep idea, you can take advantage of your Sonos in Rule Engine pretty easily. If I understand correctly, you want to make some sound when the door is opened and the SHM status is in armed status, right? Here is a quick rule example.

  1. Create a rule using door contact as the trigger, so the rule can be triggered when the door contact is changed to “open”

  2. In the flow, add a IF_Condition block to check the current SHM status. Please note that I changed the logic from ALL(AND) by default to ANY (OR) by editing the IF_Condition block, so it will go to “THEN” path when it’s either armed_home or armed_away.

  3. The rest is pretty straightforward from here. You can use playText or playTrack command to make your Sonos to make some sound depends on what you need. And you can of course add additional actions to turn on your red light/strip as you need.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:


That sounds perfect!! At a wedding so may get in trouble if I try and sort now lol but will be sure to try very soon!!


Thank you!! All sounds great!! Excited to try all of this!!


Ok, getting this set up and loving it so far!!
Couple questions.
Do people just use full screen mode from a web browser in a tablet?
Is there a way to force the tablet to stay awake? I can k let make it 10 mins in the tablet settings.

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Ok, first stumbling block …
I don’t have set volume?

And then I’m stuck with what I do if I use this one…

Fully Kiosk Browser

Most people use an app called Fully Kiosk Browser for dedicated dashboard displays. If it’s a tablet/phone with Google Play on it, you can download Fully Kiosk Browser directly from the Play Store. If it’s an Amazon Fire Tablet, you can download a version of Fully Kiosk Browser designed for Fire OS directly from the Fully Kiosk Browser website.

For my phones, I usually just use the Add to Homescreen approach as it gives me a fullscreen app-like experience. ‘Add to Homescreen’ is a great approach for when you want to be able to access the dashboards like an app… and Fully Kiosk Browser is better for when you want a dedicated dashboard display that’s always on.

Dashboard Kiosk Mode (hide top navigation)

Fully Kiosk Browser lets you view the dashboard in full screen without any URL bar, navigation buttons, etc. Note that when you are on the list of dashboards in, if you click the ... button next to a dashboard, you’ll get an option for ‘View (Kiosk Mode)’ which hides the top navigation and bottom-right ... button.

You can also just add `?kiosk=true’ to the end of any dashboard URL… this is especially helpful if you’ve already set a Start URL and you just want to view it without the navigation and menu. :slight_smile:

Set Volume

Many devices expose their volume controls as level… so in your case, you can probably use the setLevel command to set the volume level.

Command Arguments: Advanced

I’d need more detail on what specific device command you’re trying to use or what you’re trying to accomplish. It appears as though the ‘Advanced’ switch in the top-right corner of the device command action has been flipped on.


As you might infer from the name, the ‘Advanced’ switch really is there for advanced use cases. For example, sometimes a device will report back that it has a specific command that accepts a specific number of arguments even though it doesn’t actually accept that many arguments.

For example, many devices report that setLevel accepts two numeric arguments even though the device handler only accepts a single number (the desired level). In that case, you can use the Advanced switch to customize what arguments get sent.

In the following screenshot, you could turn on the ‘Advanced’ switch and then use the remove icon to completely remove the second argument (eg. ‘Argument 1’):

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Nice one! Really loving sharptools!! Will have another crack. Thank you!!


Ok… new issue. So if I want to play a mp3/sound etc… where does this file need to be saved? and how do I access this?

You will have to host the mp3 file somewhere Sonos can access via HTTP protocol. Ex: you can put it in Google Drive, Dropbox, or your local computer, and make sure Sonos has access to it. Then you can add action in rule to playTrack with the uri “” .

Ok, sO I just stuffed a sound in my google drive, so if i just add this ’
It will pick that up? Is that correct?