SHM Picker Modal Size

I would like to use the single SHM status tile with picker, but the picker modal is too small. Its just not as touch friendly as the rest of the UI. So for now I am using 3 tiles (away, home, disarm).

Is there anyway to increase the size of the picker to make the touch targets larger? Maybe even make it fill the viewport and include icons? Im imagining you tap on the SHM picker tile and you get something similar to to the away, home, and disarm tiles - but as a modal.

I can mock something up if needed. Thanks in advance! (Love the app)


Decided to mock it up for fun.

  1. Tap SHM Tile to change status.
  2. SHM picker as modal
  • Vertically and Horizontally centered
  • Uses existing tile design, but larger to help fill the viewport.
  • Tapping on the black background overlay (80%) closes the modal - no change to selection
  • Tapping on one of the three SHM options sends the command and closes the modal.
  1. Dashboard with new SHM status.
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