SHM disarm and arm issue

I have been having issue with my SHM. Where it would arm and disarm with automations over and over (Infinity loop). Researched it on smartthings community found that the virtual switch need to be changed over to simulated switch in the device section. That helped with that issue but now i can’t arm or disarm my alarm tabs on the amazon tablet running fully kiosk. Any way to fix this? Seems like my rules are still working properly.

@Trent_McKellar, after you change the device type in SmartThings, did you authorize the device to SharpTools again? Try to re-authorize them again first, and if still not working, verify the device history in SmartThings IDE or SmartThings app to make sure the state change is reported to SmarThings correctly. Add Notification step in SmartThings Automation if issue remains to verify weather the automation is triggered as expected when the virtual switch’s switch is changed.

Please note that we have noticed previously if you attempt to trigger SmartThings app’s automation several times in a row, it may be ignored and the automation may not be triggered until it “cools” down.

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Thank you James. Seems to be working now! Appreciate the response