SHM Arm/Disarm Delay

New here and couldnt find what I was looking for. Im trying to use a rule to have a disarm delay for Smart Home Monitoring. So I was thinking a 30-45 second delay, when you enter the house, before it signals an intrusion alert. I got the arming delay working with a rule. So I’d use the rule button to arm SHM instead of the default arm/disarm tile. I cant seem to figure out how to do an entry delay though. Any thoughts? Thank you!

Hi Brett,
How about create a simulated device and have SHM to monitor this device only? And have a rule to update this simulated device whenever a window/door/motion is opened/closed? So you can add Delay in this rule or any condition, such as certain time, presence status and etc, to trigger SHM.

Another thought, why not create a rule to change SHM from alarmed away to disarmed based on geolocation/presence status? Please make sure this meets your security needs if you are thinking about this as it may be triggered if you are driving around the neighborhood, even though you are not heading home.

Hmm that could work. Only issue is I do like seeing what sensor caused the intrusion, front door, back door, which window, etc. Also, as for the presence sensor, I have a neighbor that comes by during the day when I’m out, to check on the pets, so I don’t want to be alerted of an intrusion everytime. I’d rather give them a code to type in, and have them disarm then arm on their way out. I know, I’m being picky haha.

Yeah, seeing what triggered SHM is definitely desired. How about send yourself a notification via Pushbullet or SMS when door/window is opened and SHM is armed? You will need to set several conditions in that rule to check what is opened to determine what the notification content should say. (We are thinking of adding the local variable concept to the rule, and the notification content can be the local_variable, which is set to the triggering device/attribute to simply the rule like this.)

Have you considered the SHM Delay SmartApp?

It’s pretty popular in the SmartThings community and works well with SharpTools.

The SmartApp linked effectively creates virtual copies of each of your real sensors and uses those with SHM. That way you still get the status of all your devices but it can ‘shunt’ them appropriately.

I literally just tried this and it works as I like! Thanks guys!! Time to get another tablet and do some wall mounting


I want to start by saying I am still new to SharpTools and am still learning how to modify items in the Smartthings IDE…I have installed a few items without issue but I am struggling to figure out how to implement this SHM delay and to get it to work with SharpTools. Does anyone know of a video showing how to set up? Any help is appreciated.

Hi Brad,
Have you checked the SHM Delay in Josh’s post? I wasn’t able to find a video about it, but it seems the link includes pretty detailed steps for installation. Let me know if it helps. Thanks.

I think I might have gotten it to work. I need to do some more testing and then figure out if it is working the way I am hoping. Thanks for the follow up.