SHM alarm to play on Echo devices

Not sure if i am just doing something wrong here. I am playing around with SHM and have it set up that when its Armed (Home) and a contact sensor shows open it will send a notification and will turn on selected lights. What i am trying to do now is have it play a siren or some sort of alarm sound on all my echo devices also. I have tried with the “playsoundbyname” option and have tried different options with no luck. Ideally i would like it to play on all my devices at once and something that would play for more than a second or so.

@Shane_Dorey How about using “PlayAnnouncementAll” command to have all your Alexa devices to alert you in the same time? I liked this approach because I have a better idea about the alert since the alert message is based on the specific scenario and device, and it does take her a few seconds to finish the sentence. :grin:

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I can get it to do something like that no problem, was seeing if there was a way to get it to play some sort of alarm sound to use it as a somewhat makeshift alarm system. Obviously the easiest way would be to just get a dedicated wifi or zigbee alarm but for the time being this would serve my purpose if could be executed.

An updated, i have somewhat figured it out. Haven’t got it to play on all speakers yet but what i did was create a simulated Alexa switch/sensor. Used that to create a routine which when the sensor is open it runs a siren skill. Then used this Alexa switch in my rules in SharpTools so when the door sensors are opened it will trigger this switch that in return triggers the Alexa routine. I have then set a rule that when i disarm it, it says disarm on the speaker which will then stop the siren sound.


Im going crazy over here. So as stated i did have everything working. Was good for about a day then all of a sudden Alexa routines have stopped working. Have reset devices, reinstalled the app, re created the routine it wont trigger it. Will work if i manually click on it but thats it. So as a work around a did some more searching and found an alarm sound on spotify. I then added a rule in SharpTools to search spotify on my echo device and put in the track name exact. Nothing! tried a different track still nothing. Tried previous rules i have set up with the search spotify option and they still work fine. Really pulling my hair out just trying to set up a simple alarm sound when a door opens.

What are you manually clicking on? The Routine within the Alexa app?

Can you share a screenshot of what your rule looked like? I’m curious what the exact search term was so we can try on one of our Echo Speaks devices.