Sharptools (webpage) getting an error occasionally

I have an amazon fire HD 8 running ST, and have in the last month been experiencing some issues. The screen normally stays on my security camera feeds, but every few days I am starting to get screens like the below:

Sometimes it’s a DNS resolution error as well (I didn’t get a pic of that one yet).

Is anyone else experiencing this, or might it be something local to me? My internet works, and exiting / reloading the browser fixes the issue (though re-loading the page does not seem to).



Can you share more details about your settings? Do you have Fully Kiosk Browser trying to refresh periodically as that screen looks like it’s what you would see when a browser is first opened/refreshed and doesn’t have a network connection.

That’s really weird that a pull-to-refresh doesn’t help, but closing the reopening the browser does. It’s almost like the browser itself is starting to have issues. You mentioned streaming security feeds, so I wonder if the browser is having some sort of memory management issues. :thinking: