SharpTools Tasker Event Profile Trigger - Thing State Change

So I like to have everything up to date on Tasker, in terms of my user global variables. I essentially use those as reference settings for other Profiles or Tasks. For instance, one of my State Profiles if %Home = 1 and %Front_Door_Lock = Unlocked, put a notivation that tells me. So in the case, the %Home variable done with standard Geofencing, and %Front_Door_Lock variable done through the Things Status SharpTools Event Profile Trigger is pretty easy too. And the Front Door Lock Task will first check the status of %Front_Door_Status to site it’s equal to closed before activating.

I have a lot of these global user variables and right now in order to keep them all current, within reason have a looped task to check the status of them all. Highly battery wasting, phone speed draining, and maybe even pinging your servers more than it should.

Instead for all the Things of which is like to have the variables accurate for in my house, I’d like to either set them all to begin with HV_* (where the star is a wildcard) in a Things Status SharpTools Event Profile Trigger, or list each Thing separated by commas. Are either of these possible right now in the Tasker plugin? I’ve attached screenshots of what I’m talking about.

The other alternative is making a peridot for each one, which seems inefficient.

Thanks for posting, Pete! Querying for status in a loop would definitely be resource intensive!

There’s several help articles that might be helpful to you. This first article is probably the best place for anyone to start who is looking to consider the different approaches to looking at data from Things in Tasker. It talks about the query approach vs the event driven approach, the benefits to each, and where each makes sense:

That article links to a few other articles, but two in specific may be helpful based on your post.

This next one explains the approach to saving data from events into variables in a bit more detail:

And this last one talks about the Thing State event plugin more broadly… the last section of the article talks about how each field acts like a filter and is particularly relevant:

The Tasker Event plugin, Thing State, has a set of filters that allow you to determine which events to react to.

  • If either field is left blank, the field is treated as a wildcard and all things or attributes are matched.

    • If both fields are left blank, the system will match all events that are triggered

    • If the Thing field is filled in and the Attribute field is left blank, the system will match all events for a particular thing name

    • If the Attribute field is filled in and the Thing field is left blank, all events for the particular Attribute will be matched.

      • For example, Attribute = “Switch” and Thing = blank would match all switch events (eg. on/off events)
  • Each field performs a partial content match.

    • For example, if the Thing field has the word hall entered, the system will match all things with hall in their name (eg. Upstairs Hall, Downstairs Hall, Shallow Light)
  • These fields also accept Tasker variables as parameters

    • Tasker variables start with a % symbol such as %myvariable or %st_attr_value

    • In the Voice Control Things example, the local variables %command and %device are parsed from AutoVoice and passed to the SharpTools Tasker plugin.


Josh, per the usual, your customer service response was dope on a rope. I will take a look at all that goodness when I get home. Stop pressuring me, I don’t like texting and driving!