SharpTools Rule & SimpliSafe Alarm

I have a SimpliSafe alarm. I have a custom device handler for it in SmartThings. I can turn the alarm on or off, and set home or away, using a SharpTools Rule. However, as I may have indicated in another post, the Rule is not checking the current status of the alarm properly in my IF statement. I think it might be a “case” issue. I also have Tasker Profiles that check the status of the alarm using %st_attr_value. It will check whether the alarm is on or off (e.g., if alarm is “off”, do something). Tasker’s check is not case specific. When Tasker checks the current status of the alarm, my Tasker Task acts appropriately. However, my SharpTools Rule does not act appropriately. I think the new device handler is reporting state in all caps (e.g., OFF instead of off) whereas before it might have been lower case. Is the SharpTools check for “off” case specific? See the If statement in the screen capture below. If it is case specific, then it’s not reading the current state of the alarm correctly. By the way, I think the device handler might be reporting the current state in all caps because when I flash %st_attr_value in Tasker, the result in all caps (e.g., OFF or HOME). Thanks.

P.S. I’m looking at the DTH in SmartThings IDE to see if I can see anything that might affect this.

Sounds like the developer of the DTH pushed a new version that should get it reporting in all lowercase. Let us know if that gets things working for you.