SharpTools Password

How does one change their sharptools account password? and if using fully, how long does fully remember you before you have to login again to sharptools. I could see that being a bit annoying if we have to login often.

Hi Ahmed,
Welcome to the community. You should see “RESET PASSWORD” link during the login if you input incorrect password. See screenshot below, and please note that resetting the password of the email login may unlink the Google login (if you have linked your Google account previously) as a security measure. After logging back in via email after the password reset, you can relink the Google login if you want to. uses long-lived session, which means you will remain logged in until you explicitly logout or there is a major change on your account like a password reset or account linking.

Thanks James. I did try that but didn’t think to try getting my password wrong to get the reset password option to show up :slight_smile: that seems like the trick :slight_smile: