SharpTools on large 24in display?

Could I use SharpTools on a large display, at least 24 inches, that can be mounted on a wall like a TV? DakBoard has an out-of-the-box product like this, but it doesn’t seem geared toward smart home control (more like smart home status display only). Looking for something more than a small tablet.

Hi @Justin_Leonard welcome to the community. Yes you can run SharpTools on larger screen as long as it has modern web browser. There are many users running SharpTools on rasp pi + larger touch screen. Don’t forget to share your setup in the community later so we can be jealous. :laughing:

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Ok. I’ll have to search for what that setup looks like, since I’m not familiar with what’s involved with that. Any ETA at all on the iOS app btw? Will be a big draw for me when that comes, since Hubitat dashboard is not so great in my opinion.

Here’s a few photos of a custom setup with a large wall-mounted tablet. This is from before the release of the dashboard and is a custom setup using the SharpTools Android app, but the main concept still applies. :smiley:


You can find some neat dashboard design examples in the following thread:

:link: Show Off Your SharpTools Dashboards!

Most people use the Mobile Web App - Add to Homescreen approach which adds your dashboard to your homescreen and launches it much like a native app.

Alternatively, there are a few kiosk apps available on the App Store which can open the dashboards in an immersive, full screen fashion.

Ok thanks. The homescreen /kiosk approach is an improvement. Still count me in as favoring a dedicated IOS app. Looks like that suggestion has been around since 2018, so I guess that’s not a new suggestion :slight_smile: I know firsthand app development can take time, so i get it, but hopefully it is in the works. I’ll purchase the premium for now, and see how it goes. Thanks for your help.


@Justin_Leonard I have mine currently setup on a 24 inch touch screen monitor and it looks great. I used to use Dakboard but could never get it to look quite right because they have a more portfolio type setup and my monitor is mounted in a landscape way. Here, you can do either really easily.

I didn’t find it near as user friendly as Sharptools is, nor as great of response like you get here.

Mine is running on a rasp pi through the chrome browser. Super simple to setup.


I don’t really know what to look for. Can just any large touchscreen be hooked up to a rapbserry pi, or is there a specific interface needed?

I’m trying to figure out what all I need to run Sharptools on a rasp pi. There are a lot of options to decipher:
(1) How much on-board RAM do I need? 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB?
(2) How large of a micro SD card do I need? 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB?
(3) What if any software would be good to have pre-installed on the micro-SD card? None, Noobs, Raspbian?
(4) Do I need or want the HighPi case?
(5) Do I need or want a heatsink?

Hey Justin,

Here is the monitor I use (comes with the cables needed to turn it into a touch screen)

I used this mount:

I have this Rasp Pi

I use everything above and installed Chrome browser onto the OS. Works beautifully. I haven’t had any issues as of yet.

I did not have to heatsink anything with the rasp pi. It came with the press on metal and tells you where to place it on the pi.

This should answer all of your questions. The links are to exactly what I bought and everything is running fine. I DO NOT use the Rasp pi for anything other than Sharptools.

I do have the monitor on a HDMI splitter and use that for different devices outside of sharptools (Direct connect to my NVR, Shield TV etc).


Forgot to add, that I bought all of these items in 2018 to use for a different software. They have Rasp Pi 4 out now. I don’t know what the differences are, but I doubt they went down in spec, so you could purchase a Rasp Pi 4 kit. Whatever you buy, I would buy a case for it if it doesn’t come with one.

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