Sharptools / Nvidia Shield TV

Asking this now while at work thinking of it and before trying it. Reason is two fold… Someone else may be wondering the below questions and if I get home and can’t figure it out, I’m ahead of the game as I know it will be answered prior to me getting home :joy: :joy:!

Can I run Sharptools directly from Nvidia Shield TV? If so, how can I get Chrome browser sideloaded? This Google play store on the Shield is very limited.

Does the Tiny pc Cam app need to be running in the foreground all of the time to work or can it run in the background?

You can run the background mode with the web server and config both to auto start after device reboots. I never try sideloading Chrome and running dashboard on my shield, but you can find resources from YouTube using downloader and sideload launcher to side load Chrome.

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