SharpTools Not in Sync With SmartThings

I have a simple rule that seems to be working. The status on SmartThings shows “OFF” (which means “CLOSED”). The Status on SharpTools shows “OPEN”, which is “ON”.

I have verified visually and the windows are “CLOSED”, or “OFF”.

What could be causing this?


(sent 2 “OFF” commands)

SmartThings Status:

SharpTools Status:

EDIT: I can click on the SharpTools tile and it changes to “CLOSED”, but changes back to “OPEN” almost immediately.

What is that device in SmartThings? By icon it’s a pocket socket, but that doesn’t make sense since you are tracking windows open and closed. I’d expect you to be using a contact sensor.

But disregarding that, look at how you have mapped the on/off to open/closed. My suspicion is that it may be backwards, and SharpTools is automatically resetting it after you change it manually, based on the condition exposed in SmartThings.

It is a Minoston Outlet. It is either “ON” or “OFF” in both SmartThings and SharpTools. I use a custom Icon to be either “OPEN” or “CLOSED” depending on if it is “ON” or “OFF”. So basically if the outlet is “ON” it will power some relays that operate a 12V linear actuator and open the windows. The reverse is true if “OFF”. This has worked flawlessly for several years in both SmartThings and WebCoRE. The reason I am thinking it is not syncing with SharpTools is because it shows “OFF” in SmartThings and the windows are closed even though SharpTools is showing “ON” (Icon Open). If I click the tile in SharpTools it will change to “OFF”, but almost immediately change back to “ON”.

It is working properly now, but had been stuck like that for about a day. No idea what changed.