Sharptools not full screen in wall panel app

I cant seem to get sharptools to go to full screen while in wall panel app. in wall panel settings, I have the full screen setting toggle on. I can click on the sharptools “edit” icon and choose full screen, but nothing happens. Is there something I’m missing?

Wallpanel might be missing support for the standard ‘fullscreen’ command that’s sent to the browser when you tap the [ ] Fullscreen button in the bottom drawer.

Instead, you can update your dashboard URL to append ?kiosk=true to the end and the browser will be loaded in Kiosk mode.

Alternatively, while viewing the list of dashboards, you can tap the ... next to a dashboard and select ‘View (Kiosk Mode)’ to manually enter kiosk mode.

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Thanks Josh, Ill give that a try.

Worked perfectly! Thanks again!

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