SharpTools losing connection, SmartThings

Hi there, i’m currently having connection issues. The dashboard and “things” stop running. In order to get them running again, I need to go into ‘Manage Connections’, click SmartThings, log into SmartThings and re-authorize all the devices. This seems to cure it for a day. The next day, the connection is lost again (unable to access) when i press a tile.

Is there a Easy Fix for this?
(Using a wall mounted tabled (Lenovo M10 plus 3rd gen))

Hi Richard-
The most common cause of this is having multiple SharpTools accounts authorized for the same location using the same SmartThings account.

I took a brief look and it seems like your location only has a single account authorized to it.

As such, I’m taking a closer look now to see if we can identify what’s going on in your scenario…

Edit: Would you mind sending a note to so I can follow-up with you directly?

Thank you for your quick reply!
No problem, just send you a e-mail :slight_smile:

Just wanted to post an update that we resolved the issue via email correspondence.

For anyone curious as to the ‘why’:

If a SmartThings location is manually disconnected then reconnected, it can cause the refresh tokens to not get rescheduled properly. We’ve made note of the scenario to see how we can improve things internally.

For any readers of this thread, I would recommend that you only use the disconnect feature if you want to permanently remove a location from your SharpTools account. If you are troubleshooting a location, it’s best to proceed through the authorization process again without disconnecting the location.

Thanks again to Richard for his patience as we worked through resolution of the issue! :star_struck:

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