Sharptools isues communicating with smartthings

Looking for some help with some rules I have setup in SharpTools communicating to my smartrhings hub see message below. I’ve tries to reconnect several times with no success.

Failed to send device command; 403 Forbidden (Check that the device still exists in the source platform)

Did you verify this part? Make sure to check that the device still exists with that same Device ID in SmartThings.

The most common reason for a 403 response from SmartThings is that the device doesn’t exist in SmartThings with that particular Device ID anymore. Most often this happens when a device was removed or reonboarded into SmartThings (removed/readded).

I just had this exact issue. I must have removed and recreated the device (it was a virtual device) in SmartThings at some point. When you first open the SharpTools Rule the device will look like it’s there just fine but once you edit you can see it’s now ‘missing’ and you can go ahead and re-select it (assuming you have resynced to SmartThings at some point).

I can see what the Hub Device ID is in Smartthings but how do I check its the right one in smarttool. If they are not the same how to I sync it so they are?