SharpTools HA Add-on stuck in Authorisation


I’m running HA in a docker container (Frontend 20230705.0 - latest) on a QNAP NAS and I’ve been using the containerized SharpTools add-on with it for quite some time (sharptools-hass-addon-connector-i386:latest). I had to move the NAS and restarted earlier this week, but I couldn’t authorise the add-on as before. It gets stuck in the second step. After I select the entities it keeps processing, never goes through to the synchronising step:

Everything shows up in the green, but there’s no actual connection. The entities do not update within SharpTools:

I restarted all, several times, but couldn’t get any further. Nothing else changed in the network that I could suspect interfering.
Could you please help, what else could I try? Let me know if you need any further info, diagnostics or anything. Thank you very much in advance!

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Thanks for posting and sorry to hear that things aren’t working as expected. I just pushed out a hotfix based on an error I was seeing in the logs for your authorization attempt. Can you give it a try again?

I tried again, it worked like a charm. Thank you very much for the lightning fast fix!

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