Sharptools/Fully KIOSK browser and BlueIris

I’m using Sharptools on a firetab that is mounted on my wall. I was just using chrome and loading blueiris to authenticate to the cameras and then sharptools could see them. Now that I’m moving over to the Fully Kiosk Browser how do other people handle authenticating to the cameras prior to loading sharptools? I can get it to load sharptools with the ?kiosk=true but then my cameras don’t work

@The_Rocks, welcome to the community. See discussion below for how to config Blue Iris and pass the username and password via URL. Or the other option is to set Blue Iris authentication to “Non-LAN only” so any device within the same local network can access BI, but login is required for external access. (I use this approach personally and secure by limiting access to my local network.)

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