SharpTools for Android and Hubitat

I have the web version of SharpTools hooked to my Hubitat and can build a dashboard just fine. Is there a way to get that on my Android phone using the SharpTools app? It looks like it only supports logging into Samsung, but would like to use it on my phone.

Thanks for posting and I hope you are enjoying SharpTools!

If your goal is to get your dashboard on your phone, then I would either recommend using the Add to Homescreen feature of your browser (which makes an app like shortcut on your homescreen) or use Fully Kiosk Browser for a device that you’d like to have dedicated dashboards on (like a wall mounted tablet).

Here’s more details on the Add to Homescreen approach.

PS. The SharpTools Android app is primarily for Tasker integration and widgets for SmartThings.


i just came here with the same question about Hubitat. I don’t see your suggestion as being much different than adding the already existing Hubitat dashboard to my home screen as a web bookmark. I was looking into SharpTools because of the Android app. Any idea when “in the future” will be?

Thanks for the message. What specifically are you looking for in an Android App? The SharpTools Android app is primarily designed for Tasker integration and widgets. If you are looking for a UI to interact with your smart home, then the dashboards are what we would recommend.

As you noted, adding the dashboards to your home screen is a similar approach to adding the Hubitat dashboard to your home screen. I would note that this does more than just bookmark the page as it adds as a Progressive Web App (PWA) on your homescreen. We’ve been adding more PWA features to the web-app to make it feel more native and will continue to do so.

The PWA option is really nice. However, how can one create a link to it in Android? I have a Samsung note and would like to access it via my Apps Edge Panel, however, I don’t have an option to list it. Leaving the only option is to open it from the Home Screen.

I did create an app via Tasker App Factory, however, that simply opens the link as a simple page in my browser.

Normally, it would just get added to your homescreen, but that’s a great question about Samsung’s Apps Edge Panel.

Out of curiosity, if you add this community to your homescreen using the same approach, does that icon become available to your Apps Edge Panel? The community uses a few more PWA features and newer versions of Android will literally wrap it as its own native Android app (rather than using Chrome for the PWA).

Alternatively, one of the apps mentioned in the thread might be helpful here:

Interestingly enough, I discovered that I can add the home screen PWA’s to the built-in apps & tasks panel. I use a different 3rd-party panel which doesn’t have the options.


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