Sharptools down?

After a recent power outage, all my hubs are apparently unseen by Sharptools. Do you have a tracetool customers can access from your location to determine if it’s a route issue? Looking for confirmation that there’s an issue here -

Hi Phil-
No, we don’t have any reports of issues from other customers. Can you clarify what you mean by your hubs are unseen by SharpTools?

If you’re trying to authorize your hub from your SharpTools User Page > Manage Connections and you get a message that your hub is offline or can’t be contacted, that message comes directly from Hubitat’s authorization servers.

When that happens, I’ve found the most common solution is to reboot your hub, wait several minutes for it to come back online and things to stabilize, then reauthorize starting from your SharpTools User Page as noted above.

Thanks, yes that is what is happening. It’s on all 13 of my hubs now for over 2 hours -

" This message comes from Hubitat. Try rebooting your hub, wait for it to boot and stabilize, then try again."

I’ve rebooted them and tried everything to get them to reconnect, guess I’ll give it considerable time and see if it comes back unless there is another solution.

got it working, rebooted router, thank you

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