Sharptools Dashboard Integration with Hubitat

Hey Josh, I just finished migrating to Hubitat from SmartThings (big improvement IMO) and the last big thing on my list is really to get all my Dashboards reconfigured.

As I was starting with that task today it struck me that it integrating SharpTools dashboards more tightly with the Hubitat control center is literally just an iFrame.

If I could add my SharpTools dashboard URL’s to the Hubitat Dashboard list and have them appear in the iFrame as shown to the right it would be a very nice integration. I left in the topmost Dashboards line to make sure the intent was clear, but it would be a waste of space.

Just an idea that you have probably already considered, but it would sure feel good to have one place to go. Kind of the Holy Grail of HA.

All the best,


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