Sharptools apk for hubitat

Is it possible to use the Android version of shaprtools without having to sign in with a smartthings account, as I do not use smartthings. I utilize Hubitat and I am able to access the sharptools dashboard by utilizing the link on my tablet, but it would be nice to keep it somewhat localized and not be dependent on a web service especially since Hubitat is mainly for localized control. Perhaps a way that the sharptools app would read from the hubitat dashboard on a local IP address perhaps and have them talk to each other on a native interface. Other than that I love the application, just wish there was more localization as it slows down response time considerably.

Thanks for the feedback, @Scott_Rice.

The SharpTools for Android app is primarily a set of Tasker plugins and Widgets for SmartThings at the moment. As you alluded to, the dashboards operate from any modern web browser. Most people either use the Add to Homescreen approach or a kiosk app like Fully Kiosk Browser for viewing their dashboards.

We’ve had a few other scattered requests for a local version of SharpTools, so I’ve noted your feedback with those existing requests.

Can you clarify what kind of response times you’re seeing? With the setup in my home, it takes well under 1 second to control a device or to see device status update.

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normally on mine it can average anywhere from 3 seconds to almost 8 with nothing else running in the background, sometimes it’s frustrating enough to just close it out and use the hubitat dashboard, but I have fully kiosk browser that automatically pulls the homescreen to the front after a period of time. Even without fully kiosk running i get the lag, I though it may have been the app but after uninstalling and reinstalling I noticed that that wasn’t the case. I’ve done numerous network reboots, as well as tried on a variety of devices. I have minimal applications and devices (12 total, lights, motion sensors and smart switches). The ability to have to avoid getting on the internet to control my smart home is one of the reasons why I chose hubitat, unfortunately their dashboard layout is wonky and just unable to fully customize it, hence why I went with Sharptools, but then again I leave myself to the mercy of what is the internet. If my internet goes down and I need to turn off a light through sharptools, I am unable to do so and have to go through the hubitat dashboard which defeats my purpose in the first place.

Thanks for the additional details. Something is definitely not working as expected if it takes that long. The video I included in my post immediately above was taken just this morning and shows how quick it should be.

If you’d like to reach out to, we would happy to dig into it further with you.

One more for a localized dashboard!! I tried dabbling in home assistant… Yeah no! Way too complicated and not as awesome as sharptools!