Sharptools API access?

Any plans to have API access to sharptools? I have an internal app i made and it would be super useful to be able to add variable and change variables through an API. the current options available are just a little too limited in their scope.

This would make multi(location)dashboard setups easier to manage by allowing a single dash with customized tiles, colors etc and allow it to be scaled with minimal redundancy.

A use case i would have is using a standard dash across multiple rooms, and clicking a lights button in any room would let that device control the lights the device is in. This would be done by “registering” the deviceID to a room via a tile, and future requests would match the device ID to a room list and trigger appropriate devices. All without needing to duplicate dashboards for different rooms.

Can you clarify what features you want to be able to control via API?

You can change variable values by using a Rule with an HTTP Trigger. I suppose that leaves being able to create variables from your request, but I’m not sure I understand how that enables you to achieve the goal around a standardized/reusable dashboard?

I would note that I’m open to the idea of adding API access for various features… but I would also note that SharpTools is intended for individual use (commercial use is prohibited by our standard Terms of Service and requires a special agreement). The point being that I would see wanting a ‘standardized’ dashboard across multiple rooms more of a commercial use case. In a normal home, I wouldn’t see it being a popular feature as each room usually has some minor differences and the effort of copying a dashboard and then adjusting it as needed usually isn’t too high for home use.

My apologies, but I’m also missing the connection between having API access for creating and updating variables and how that would help with the end goal of standardizing dashboards. I suppose if an API was opened up to edit dashboards, that could help as you could effectively clone dashboards and replace device IDs via API… but that seems like a pretty big effort for an end-user as the existing UI significantly simplifies the creation and editing of dashboards.

If the goal is general control of a small set of devices that are common across multiple rooms, in theory you could do that by running rules and using context variables to determine which dashboard the rule was triggered from and thus what devices to control… but that would just be the control side and wouldn’t cover status updates.