Sharptools and Fully Kiosk Browser

As a total newbie I must have done something to the settings in fully kiosk browser. When I get to my start url for sharptools it will not allow me to login. I must have done something as I was able to but I was having trouble getting hyperlinks to work and must have changed a setting by mistake. Any help or suggestion are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Can you clarify what isn’t working with the login? Common issues I’ve seen are not being able to get the keyboard to show up and the Google login button being grayed out.

Thank you, Josh., Yes, the Google login is grayed out and the email and phone options do not open anything. The keyboard does not show up. I was working on hyperlinks and not sure what I may have done to cause it. Thanks again.

Check in the advanced web settings if you have enable touch interaction. And there is a keyboard option somewhere too.