SharpTools and Echo Show 15

Mine is in active use.

I actually reported before that the touchscreen responsiveness is not great. It will register a tap (noted by the click or animation of the tile) and often not actually process and I have to tap again. Not terrible but not great.

I just purchase and attempted to sideload Fully Kiosk. Amazon has now blocked all access to sideload this no longer works through the Fully App.

What part did you get stuck at? Last I checked, the “Downloader” app mentioned in some of the earlier articles is no longer on the Amazon app store, but the X-plore approach works if you have another Android device to do the transfer with.

I’m experiencing the same thing with tap; often it takes more than one tap. I appreciate the click sound nevertheless.

I’m still super-happy using the Show 15 as a dashboard. I prefer the size and clarity of the screen much more than the Fire tablets.

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i’m curious to learn if someone manages to find a way around to install SharpTools on echoShow 15 after amazon blocked sideload apps recently

Did you try the X-plore approach mentioned above?

if you get it to post, do u mind posting on this thread… i’m very interested in the 15, but worried amazon locked it down after initial success of others.

Hello Guys, have you confirmed that if the sharptools dashboard has a security camera tile, the ecoshow also returns to the homepage? thanks.

The dashboard having a camera on it or not doesn’t really change things. You may want to configure some settings in fully so it stays in the foreground. And there’s a setting for returning to your start url in fully after some time if you want that to happen automatically after you navigate to another dashboard page.

Guys, thanks for the comments. So the solution would be to install the APK Fully kiosk. After the blocks that Amazon made the X-plore is working?

I believe Amazon disabled the functionality of the Files app which was necessary for installing sideloaded apps.

X-plore is still working and you can transfer files and APKs to your Echo Show 15, but you can’t install them anymore as that required using the built-in Files app since it was whitelisted to perform installs.

If anyone figures out a way around this, I’m sure the community would be interested in learning.

Thank you very much for all.

Found a potential workaround…

The key is using a different downloader App X-Plorer

That’s the alternative app / approach I shared with Stan ~ Dec’ 2022 when Amazon blocked the Downloader app that most people had been using. But this is just the first step of getting the Fully Kiosk APK onto the device. The next step is to actually install the APK with the Files app.

In early 2023, Amazon swapped out the default Files app which is what had the required permissions to install APKs. As such, you can’t actually install the APK anymore. :confused:

I haven’t seen any workarounds for actually installing APKs on the Echo Show 15 since Amazon changed the Files app in early 2023.

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Yeah. I see that now. Thanks for confirming. Dang I missed the fun by a few months.

Is the Echo Show 15 still a good option for the dashboard? Now that the Black Friday sale is happening, I’m considering getting it for the main hallway dashboard.

No, if you check two replies up it explains why. You can’t side load kiosk browser apps anymore.

Thanks Josh. I thought maybe there might be some new good news about it by now. I guess I was being optimistic. :slight_smile:

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Sorry - late to this. I use the Fire Toolbox to do a bunch of things - turn off ads, load fully play store, etc. don’t know if it works with the Show 15 but hopefully it is helpful?

Nice frame. How did you do that? Thanks.