Sharptool Dashboards working if no Internet?

Hey there.
looking to use Sharptools for Dashboard creating together with my Homey Pro 23. Say once I have created dashboard and pushed them to my local panels (in several rooms) to allow display/control of my smart devices… and you do have a internet break down… are the dashboards still active and work on the local panel or is everything frozen bc no connection to the outside world?


Hi Tino-
SharpTools dashboards for Homey currently require internet connectivity. Does your internet connection go down often?

I would not say often but it does happen. Wanted to use sharp tools to manage dashboards on individual room panels. Those panels will act as traditional switches and when internet is down the local panels will not display any information, right? To my understanding…

Yes, the connection to your smart home hub requires an active internet connection.

If the internet temporarily goes down, the panels will still display, but they won’t get device status updates until the network reconnects. When the network reconnects, the panels will automatically sync up with any device states that changed while the network was down.

Similarly, if you have any calendars or things of that nature displayed on your dashboard, those will continue to display the calendar information they had when the network connection was up. Once the network reconnects, the calendar tiles will resume their regular periodic updates.