Sharp Tools to Tasker has stopped communicating


This started several weeks ago but hadn’t had the time. Basically Sharp Tools has stopped sending thing status changes to Tasker. I had hoped the recent updates would fix, but no such luck. I find the strangest thing is that this is occuring on both devices which I have both apps installed on. Neither one is receiving changes to my subscribed devices. I am sure I’m overlooking something again, where should I start?
I have already enabled logging in both apps. I do not see anything in Sharp Tools log stating it’s communicating with Tasker nor is there any event in Tasker’s run log showing up.



Thanks for the post. Can you clarify what you mean by ‘sending thing status changes’? Are you trying to control a thing (action) or react to a thing state change (event)?


I can control things. I cannot react to things.

Created a profile to execute on all thing events
Task to set a custom variable to %st_thing_name

I’ve done the same for Mode changes as well.

profiles never execute.


Let’s check the subscriptions:

  1. Open the SharpTools for Android mobile app
  2. Slide out the left navigation and tap Subscriptions
  3. Tap the refresh icon at the top of the screen
  4. Verify that you have subscriptions setup for your desired devices and for the mode for your desired location


Yes, there are many device subscriptions listed there. All of which are listed as…
Unknown / switch
Unknown / contact
Unknown / level

Mode, Alarm and Routine all list my location name


The subscriptions page refreshed after several minutes. All things now display thing name
Lamp / switch
Accent / level


‘Unknown’ would normally indicate that that particular device isn’t authorized anymore (as internally it just stores the SmartThings device ID).

Have you tried turning on Debug Notifications? I would also suggest watching the SmartThings IDE live logs while you control things to see if you get messages that events are getting posted properly for SharpTools.

For a device you know has a subscription setup, try controlling the device so the subscribed attribute changes. For example, with Lamp / switch turn the switch off and then back on. The IDE Live Logs should indicate that an event was posted and you should get a debug notification on your Android device if the event was received.

One troubleshooting steps you might take is to unsubscribe from the desired attribute and then resubscribe to it.

Also, the following help article has a bunch of helpful troubleshooting information specifically for push events:


Thanks again Josh,
I ran through all the troubleshooting steps and ended up doing a complete reset. This has fixed the problem. I’m thinking it might have started when I enabled 2-factor on my Samsung account. I have to double-login when authorizing new things sometimes with 2-factor enabled.


Thanks for the update. Glad you got it working!