Shared Dashboard Issue

I have an issue with sharing a dashboard. I created my first dashboard and so far, so good. If you look at the first image, it has all the data next to or under the labels. (that is on my phone) I shared this dashboard with my wife and she gets the labels, but most of the data is missing. See second image.

Have I done something wrong? I added both of them as shortcuts on identical Android S22 phones.

It looks like there might have been some sort of issue during the dashboard sharing process. As part of the process, the system has to share each of the various resources within a dashboard (and the nested resources within the Super Tiles within the dashboard).

If you want to send a note to with the URL for the dashboard along with the approximate time of the sharing, I can take a look at the logs and see if there are any clues.

Otherwise, you could try revoking the sharing and then resharing to see if it was just a temporary glitch.

Thanks Josh. I sent the link!

I forgot to add the time of sharing in the email. It was 4:55 PM today. Sorry about that. @josh

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@josh I unshared the dashboard and then sent a new invitation. It was accepted and it looks just like the first one did. It is still missing some of the information. The clickable tiles do work however, Not sure if this is a clue.

Thanks. I’ll take a look when I’m back in the office.

Edit: We identified the issue with variables within Super Tiles not getting shared and have pushed out an update which should resolve it. :slight_smile:

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Hi Josh- I replied to your email. No Good! Still missing variable values.

EDIT: I went back in and set to “VIEW ONLY”. Then opened on the other device. All the variables were working. I then went back in and set it to “INTERACT”. Then opened on the other device. It is now WORKING!!

Thanks @josh

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Back to shared dashboard issue…

So I created this dashboard and shared it. It looks one way on my phone, (colors and contrast), and different on my wife’s phone. (Colors are not the same and contrast makes the lettering hard to see).

They are both new Android phones, S22+

I cannot find any setting in the phone that is different from mine.

Is this a sharing issue?

1st 2 images are mine

2nd 2 images are hers.

It looks like the phone with the darker screenshots has some sort of dark mode enabled. The top nav bar and background is darker than it should be and the shadows seem to be the wrong color – both of which point to a dark mode on either the phone or the browser.

Sure enough…

I’m using Samsung Browser and she uses Chrome. Who would’ve known the Browser itself had a Dark Mode… All fixed now. Thanks @josh

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