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so, i played with the chrome plugin Stylus to override the CSS, but it was not a good solution. i lost everything after changing my computer, and not saving what I did… and i could not find a plugin that i can use on a tablet…
But i think i ll will dive again into that and give you that asap (when work permits, maybe around Christmas).

A question / feature request for you @josh: i would love an option to override the style / css directly into Sharptools. Do you think that could be an option?


Thanks for the suggestion. I wonder if we might be able to accommodate most needs through other feature enhancements (eg. more customization features). I think it’s awesome that people are finding cool and creative ways to tweak to meet their needs with external plugins, but I should caution that we might tweak class names or DOM structure at some point in the future. :slight_smile:

Hey, Im fairly new to the whole sharptools platform(still testing, coming from actiontiles). I really like the look of the set up in the 1st picture. How can I create something like that on my dashboard?

Are you referring to the very first picture in this thread with the light background and the white wood frame?


Yes sir!! I need to know how that is done! :heart_eyes:

That design is pretty neat! It was actually an Android homescreen that the user customized on a large Android device using the SharpTools for Android widgets. You can find more details on how they built it in their original SmartThings community post:

He used an Android app called Total Launcher along with the theme Flattered to get the style his wife was looking for.

One thing you’ll notice is there’s actually relatively limited home automation control on the screen. Most of the icons are actually just images to launch native applications on the tablet (Google Home, Shopping List, Google Assistant, Chat, Chrome, Email, TinyCam, etc). The original creator mentioned in their post that much of the effort was picking the color scheme and finding icons to use for the apps.

You could achieve a similar effect on dashboards using the newly announced Media Tile ‘Open Hyperlink’ action. The basic approach would be to create Media items for each of the various application icons you wanted on the screen and then add those as tiles to a dashboard and edit the media tile’s action to open an app via hyperlink.

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I know this was a really old comment…but I was wondering if you could share your fireplace setup. Is it gas? If so, how are you controlling it?

Sharptools rocking on a 75 TV. Still playing around on how it needs to be laid out but looks awesome!


Hi I like the way your screen shows. Can you help me setup my iPad like that?

Hi Sunil - welcome to the community! Which screen or post are you responding to?

Hi Josh it’s this

Hi Sunil,
The original post was using Android + Launcher + SharpTools Android Widget + special launcher theme. So you won’t be able to do the exactly same on an iPad. However, as Josh mentioned in an earlier reply, You can create the dashboard in and customize the style (like the tile, color, and size) and use “medial tile” and “app hyperlink” to achieve the similar setup on your iPad. :slight_smile:

Here is Josh’s original reply.

And you can find the url references here how to open an iOS app through medial tile hyperlink

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Below is a photo and a screenshot of what I am working on. It’s still early stages and I need to tweak it a bit. But just a rough idea about the look I am after. I’m using jQuery and loading each section into a layer.


I saved that dashboard and set it as the wallpaper on my tablet. It’s broken though, none of the buttons work and the clock doesn’t tell time…

Kidding!! Seriously though, I don’t know if it’s functional or just there for the sake of aesthetics, but what is the squiggly magical color bar of infinite power in the middle and/ or what does it do?

I want mine to talk like KIT from from the hit action 1980’s award winning television series, Knight Rider. but I’d need it to be less cantankerous and narcissistic. If I were Michael Knight and KIT tried sassing me like that, I woulda exercised my pimp-hand on that car. Dodging missiles and jumping through fire is all good, but what yoy gonna do about this bag of sugar in yo gas tank, KIT?!! What now, KIT!! But alas, I wasn’t!

Still, got any deets on that coolness?

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It’s just a nice visual flair! They wanted a more ‘airy’ feeling with their dashboards, so they’re using black tiles on a black background… and instead of just having a big black space between the top and the bottom, they found a nice looking image online and used the Media Tiles to create that nice visual flair.

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How is the left portion of the sharptools done?

@Tim was doing it with custom CSS with a Chrome Plugin.

@Ahmed did something similar just a few posts up by building a simple HTML page as a wrapper and then used an iframe to display the dashboards:

You should be able to do this with just sharp tools panels. The left edge would just be 3 tiles to 3 dashboards. Make the same 3 tiles on each dashboard.


My project so far, combining nova launcher, ifttt, smartthings, sharptools, beautiful widgets, tasker, auto input, and harmony remote to control most devices in my home. Still a working progress


Great work @Steve! This looks great!

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