Share Dashboard Theme and Skeleton

I’ve created a wonderful dashboard with custom icons and background and want to share its theme and skeleton between other users. I know that share dashboard is exist but I don’t want that the other user will have the ability to control my home.

Can you please create a feature to allow sharing only the theme and skeleton of a dashboard.

Something like sharing a ‘template’ of your dashboard? Where the person who is using your ‘template’ would get the skeleton of the dashboard without the actual Things and would need to assign their own things to each tile? But it would retain any styling and customizations you’ve made?

If so, there’s probably other fundamental things that would be needed to accomplish this like being able to Reassign a Tile to a Different Device

And I have some hesitation around sharing certain tile settings and the potential for accidentally sharing settings you don’t mean to. For example, some Custom Tiles allow fields for inputting API Keys and you likely wouldn’t want these shared… but these fields are defined by the Custom Tile developers and there’s no special way to identify these as ‘sensitive’ as compared to other fields on other tiles (or even on Custom Tiles). Same thing for things like Hyperlink aware tiles where you might put a private URL in the configuration field.

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