Share/Copy Rules

Regarding sharing/viewing - how about a shareable (non-editable, view only) link for a rule?

Or possibly even add view and/or copy? (so a viewer can copy the rule into their own account)

This is very useful. This feature exists in WebCore and it should be in SharpTools as well.
Especially useful since Webcore is going to obsolete for Smartthings users.


Agree. While the screenshot is cool, and useful, it would be nice to be able to import all of the rule logic through a link and update devices as needed. Would save community members a lot of time developing their automations (specifically now that so many are migrating pistons over and WebCore allowed for piston sharing). Keep everyone from reinventing the wheel by writing new rules. Could even have a dedicated forum to share rules with a screenshot of what it does, and a link to import to your own dashboard.

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