Setting up a tablet from a computer

So, its been kind of a pain in the but setting up my tablet to look exactly the way i want it.

on Chrome on my PC, I had to make a window that mimicks the size of the tablet screen. (Rubberband the window to the size of the device screen)

But what I would like to know, is there a way to just lock Sharptools to alway be, say 60 boxes across, so you cant and any tiles further then 60.

The other problem I ran into is that I could not replicate the exact screen at one point, I had to move all the tiles over to the side, and then push them out one by one to get hem to go in the proper form.

I know this is super hard to explain, but really what I would like to see is a screen locked to a specific size so that I can build a screen one at a time.

when you change the windows size, all the tiles move around, and that is not conducive to setting anything up.

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