setSchedule Command

I’m trying to set up a rule where when I arrive back home I have my CT100 thermostat resume the normal schedule. But I can’t seem to get the setSchedule Command to work properly. What are the allowable parameters for that command? I’ve searched everywhere, and can’t seem to find anything. Thx.

Hi Mike-
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Is this on SmartThings or Hubitat? And are you using a built-in driver/device handler or community developed one?

I did a quick search of the SmartThings capabilities documentation and the setSchedule() method is generically defined to accept a JSON object, but the details of that object don’t seem to be defined (reference). Also note that this method is defined as part of the deprecated Thermostat capability, so the implementation of it may be hit or miss depending on what device handler / driver is being used. For example, looking through the SmartThings community, there are some community developed drivers which implement setSchedule in their own way and there are some that don’t implement it at all.

Thanks for the note, this is utilizing SmartThings. I’m utilizing a built-in device handler for the thermostat device. But I am using the Rboy smartapp for the thermostat programming.

Yes, I saw that documentation you referenced. I thought maybe since it is a defined action it would be easy to see what to pass on as an argument since it is required. As you say it may or may not work, but I don’t even know what to pass it.

Thanks for the additional details. Looking at the SmartThings CT100 device handler definition, it doesn’t look like it defines the setSchedule method. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m not intimately familiar with the RBoy Thermostat SmartApps, but I wonder if there are any ways to have external ‘devices’ or events trigger the SmartApp to tweak the schedule. I’ve always been impressed with the wide range of features the RBoy apps have, so you might reach out to their support to see what they say. If you figure something out, please share the details here! :smiley:

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I use Rule Machine to set my Honeywell Thermostat back to the scheduled program. Running ST Classic and the default handler.

I predicate on my mode changing to disarmed, using resumeProgram.