Set door codes for specific times and multiple locks at once


I am very new to this but have been using SmartThings for a while.
I am wondering if there is an option to send new door codes to multiple locks but not based on a trigger/event but based on my action in which I decide which locks, what code and what name.


Where would you take the action?

Ideally from a tile. Where I select the locks that I would like to send the code to.
I am currently using LUM from RBOY for this but since the new platform is changing I am wondering if I can achieve similar functionality with the Sharptools tiles?

Sounds like you could do it with variables on a dashboard plus some rules. I dont know what all LUM does though.

What I would need is the ability to activate the same unlock code for multiple locks for a specific duration.
I am just not sure where to start with even adding the code for an unspecific duration for one or multiple locks.
Any ideas/tips on how to start that would be great!

I think that’s a good approach - start with the basics and build up from there. :slight_smile:

I would probably start with just controlling the code on a single lock. To be perfectly transparent, you’re jumping into some of the more intermediate-advanced features by using variables and connecting them with dashboards, etc.

I played with a really primitive version of this when someone else had asked the question a few months back:

In that dashboard, I have:

  • Label Tile (Lock Code Manager)
  • Variable Tile ($LockCode → Tap to enter Lock Code)
  • Rule Tile (Save)

The overall concept was I created a variable named $LockCode, then added that to the dashboard. Rather than just have the rule automatically run when the value of the $LockCode variable was changed, I created a rule with no triggers and a command to set the lock code. Then I added that rule to the dashboard so anytime that rule tile was tapped, it would run the rule.

In the rule, the main thing was a Device Command that set the lock code (slot 2, always named “Custom User Code”, but with the code being dynamically set from the $LockCode variable). I don’t have a copy of that rule anymore, but I suspect it looked something like the following:

The last 3 actions in that rule are just to have some visual feedback on the dashboard. That way I could briefly see a message that the code was saved and then it would reset to blank.

The commands tend to be documented in the SmartThings Capabilities documentation.

As a side note, the LUM app from RBoy is a powerful app with a number of features. You’re not going to get a ‘plug and play’ version of that here as rather than being provided with a purpose-built app, you’re given a set of tools with the Rule Engine from which you can build whatever logic you desire. Have you reached out to RBoy about their transition plans for LUM?

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As an aside, that capability within setCode is not currently working in the Z-Wave Edge driver. This is a known issue some of us have been trying to get resolved for quite some time.

As a workaround, instead of using the setCode(codeSlot, codePIN, codeName) capability you can use nameSlot(codeSlot, codeName) after setting the code to establish the name.

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This great! I am going to give this a try! Thanks for your support.

Did you ever get this working?

Is the Z-Wave edge driver working yet for setCode

My vacation rental locks all stopped this week and I figured I could create a fix using Sharptools and Zapier to get my SmartThings locks working and in sync with our calendar.

What a pain. For years it’s just worked like butter.

A mess.

Yes…it’s going to work. Just tested things and bingo. I should be able to automate this all with an ical link, zapier and sharptools

I’ll update this when I get it done. RLA has been great but just can’t wait for them to get it all updated.


As you’ve already noted, SmartThings very recently resolved the issue with the setCode command. I meant to do a follow-up to tie up that loose end for anybody following this thread.

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It took me awhile to realize that setCode will not work if the slot is already populated. I added deleteCode to my rule before running setCode.

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I know this is an old thread, but I just ran across Zapier the other day, and wondered how it works. Can you use it to control devices? Does it connect to SharpTools and your devices? Thanks.