Sequence of Rules on variable value change

If I use the value of a variable to trigger several different rules, will those rules be triggered concurrently or consecutively?


My initial instinct was that the rules would run concurrently (in parallel), but I took a closer look and it seems like they actually run consecutively because we await the completion of each matched rule.

I’ll discuss with @James internally. I think it would be ideal if all the matched rules ran in parallel. Not sure if there is anything that would limit us from doing this.

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Thanks Josh.

It’s a tricky one. There are some situations when I would prefer them to run concurrently and others consecutively.

The ideal solution might be to add a settings option to every rule “Run immediately when triggered? Y/N”

Thanks for the feedback! My gut feeling is things that are event driven should run concurrently.

If the desire is to have things run consecutively, I think there should be other ways to accomplish that. For example, being able to run a rule from another rule. Today that could be accomplished by using a variable - for example, using a Number variable to determine the ‘step’ that you want to run and then either using that in the trigger or as a condition in the rule.

That’s clever- I like it!

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