Sense Energy Monitor Home Assistant Attribute Changes

Looks like an update of the Sense integration on January 5th changed the attribute for Energy Usage and Energy Production from state to power.

Since it is the only thing I’m pulling from HA I can do whatever destructive thing is necessary but I’m not finding any option to add or select the power attribute in a tile - or even deal with “grayed out attributes” in documentation or posts here. I created a test dashboard, added a new tile with the Hero Attribute layout (only type available), and the attribute options do not include power in the drop down.

Any help or direction for a SharpTools noob would be appreciated.

Can you send a note to support with the Doc ID of the device in question? That is interesting that it shows up under the Attribute Values section but is almost like the device is not reporting it as a supported attribute.

Out of curiosity, have you tried reauthorizing that device since the reporting location changed from state to power? I’m curious if just going through the device sync process again will clean things up.

Thanks, yeah the reauthorize worked.

New tile shows power as an attribute option.

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