Send parameters with Rules Tile?

I assume that there is no way to send parameters through the Rules tile? At least I can’t see one?

The only way I have been able to accomplish this so far is to create a media or Super tile and use $runRule with parameters?

This is a little messy as it means I have to set an image or design a super tile for every tile that I use in this fashion. Super tile is also more restrictive as I have to specify the $runRule in the configuration so I can’t change it on the dashboard.

All I really need is the usual text and icon editing. Thanks.

Yes, the special $.runRule() hyperlink syntax is the way to do this. Keep in mind that it can be used on any tile that supports hyperlinks and there’s quite a few of those at the time of writing this post:

  • Hyperlink Tile
    • Note: you can create hyperlinks on the fly without having to predefine a Hyperlink resource now. See screenshots below.
  • Media Tile
  • Variable Tiles
    • String Variable Tile
    • Number Variable Tile
    • True/False Variable Tile
  • Monthly Calendar Tile
  • Weather Tile
  • Hero Attribute Tile
  • Super Tile
  • Clock Tile
  • Date Tile
  • Day of Week Tile

Editable Hyperlink

As noted above, you can add an ‘Editable Hyperlink’ to your dashboard which lets you create a hyperlink on-the-fly without having to define it as a Hyperlink Resource in advance. This is particularly helpful when you want to create one-off hyperlinks.

Context Variable - Dashboard Source

On a related note, I would also add that when you run a rule, there’s a context variable set for which dashboard the rule was triggered for. So if you had the ‘same’ tile across multiple different dashboards, you could adapt the rule for which dashboard it was triggered from.

Of course, if you have multiple tiles that run the same rule from the same dashboard, you would want to use a different approach like the Hyperlink syntax approach.

Thanks. I am using the runrule in the hyperlinks but was looking for a simple tile to just add text and icon and completely overlooked the hyperlink tile.

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