Scrollbar always present due to recent Chrome update

Google Chrome recently removed a key option to hide the scrollbar when in Kiosk mode per the article below. Now the scrollbar shows all the time which is not what we want when making things look clean… Given this, can ST enhance the app by providing an option within the dashboard configuration to dynamically remove scroll bars using CSS instead? This would allow for us to bypass the browser altogether. We understand there will be situations where dashboards will require scrolling due to the number of tiles, but for dashboards that possess only a few tiles, then scrollbars are not necessary. How can we disable scrollbars in this scenario?

Thanks for the suggestion!

I’ll leave the topic open to community feedback. We use community feedback as a key component of how we prioritize what we work on, so the more people that show interest in a topic, the more likely it is to get prioritized. :grinning:

For reference - scrollbars are enabled by default to avoid issues with the browser canvas resizing during editing which can cause tiles to get reflowed. Most modern mobile touch devices don’t show scrollbars or show an overlayed scroll indicator, so it’s not an issue for most tablets/phones.

That’s right, I’m using a 22" touch screen on Windows 10. Hopefully we can disable scrollbars via dashboard configuration option page. It would be great!

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Anyone interested in this option?